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$90 Million for Florida Red Tide Research Solutions?
Three Florida Congress Reps, Connie Mack, Kathy Castor and Vern Buchanan, are pressing a bill that would bring $90 million in badly need research funds back home where it's needed badly in the fight to control red tide!

Big Changes at The Florida Red Tide Coalition
The smallest but obvious part of the changes will be the name! Since we've formally turned ourselves into a Not for Profit Company , we felt it was the right time for a new name to go along with our new, more focused, mission statement. The new official name is Florida Red Tide Solutions .

Now Accepting Volunteers
Things are moving into swing here at Florida Red Tide Solutions! We need lots of help because if were going to control red tide with in 2 years or less we need your help today!

A Clean Healthy ocean!  So Happy! Learn More About Florida Red Tide
Learn what is red tide exactly, What causes red tide to bloom? What causes Red Tide to grow? What kills Red Tide? What other methods are other countries using to control red tide?
Florida Red Tide Victim Read the latest Red Tide News
Red tide makes the news more and more often in Florida, despite the reluctance to cover the subject by the main stream press. We scour many resources to find you the latest Florida Red Tide news
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Our Mission:
Our mission has just been refocused, now it is a bold and decisive plan to control red tide within 2 years!.

Latest Florida Red Tide Report
Find out where the Red Tide is along the western coast of Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico.

Or read all the previous Florida red tide reports and look for a pattern!