Florida Red Tide could be treated

Right Now

The methods to control red tide are available now!

All it takes is some governance!

Now is the time to cure Red Tide! Other countries have had red tide mitigation and prevention methods in place for more than a decade. In addition to to the stable tested methods of other countries, a few innovations have arisen in our own country that may be even better. Red Tide can be controlled now!

There's no need for for governmental games, like denying red tide is increasing or denying pollution has anything to do with red tide. Doing things like repeating the same study over and over again will not get red tide out of the water. It's time for action!

Have you read our new

We already know some of the water pollutants that trigger and feed red tide blooms in Florida and around our country. We already know simple and effective methods of keeping them out of the water. Even though our government has finally stopped denying this science (due largely in part to us, the Sierra Club and a couple county governments in Florida), they are a long way from accepting the scientific communities research. They are an even longer way away from acting upon it. The research is here now. We could reduce these the amount of these pollutants we add to our water now and immediately see a reduction in new new red tide blooms!

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The Florida Red Tide Coalition is dedicated solely to bringing red tide levels in Florida back to their natural state. This could easily be accomplished by reducing the number of new red tide blooms, not feeding existing blooms and "mitigating" (dissipating) the blooms that occur close to populated or environmentally sensitive areas. This should be started as soon as possible. We need your help getting it done!

We aren't asking for money We are asking for your skills, talents, expertise, effort and time. Don't think you have the skills, talents or expertise to help? Your probably wrong! After all you don't even know what we need help with. There's one way to find out, If you want to see an end to red tide, it's pretty obvious you're going to have to help stop red tide. Our government didn't want to acknowledge there was a problem until we forced them too. They still try to downplay it today. We need to do our own research and take our own actions and present our government with the best Florida Red Tide Solution and say "Here's how to fix your red tide problem, please start right away"

The Florida Red Tide Coalition is having our first meeting in the later portion of March. We need your help! If you'd like to help stop red tide, please RSVP by using this form. If you'd like to help but don't think you can make it to the meeting, please fill out the form anyway, we can always use whatever help you can give.

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