$90 Million for Florida Red Tide Research!

Three southwest Florida congressional representatives, U.S. Reps. Vern Buchanan, R-Longboat Key; Kathy Castor, D-Tampa; and Connie Mack, R-Fort Myers, are listening to the public outcry for help. They’ve been hearing all the people who have been speaking up, Like us, Red Tide Alert, Bob Rigby, Venice High School, the city of Venice, The Lee county government.

The legislation would triple the amount of federal money now spent on researching red tide and similar blooms.

The research money would be awarded on a competitive, scientifically peer-reviewed basis, and researchers would report their progress each year to Congress.

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Now Accepting Volunteers

Things are moving into full swing here at Florida Red Tide Solutions! We need lots of help, if we’re going to control red tide with in 2 years or less we need your help today!

Please take a moment to Contact Us and volunteer a few hours of your time for us.

Big Changes at the Florida Red Tide Coalition

Ghost crab on Venice BeachLots of exciting news for the Florida Red Tide Coalition!

The smallest but most obvious change will be our name. Since we’ve formally turns ourselves into a Not for Profit Corporation, we felt it was the right time for a new name to go along with our new, more focused, mission statement. The new official name is Florida Red Tide Solutions. Since we’ve already developed a web presence under the name “Florida Red Tide Coalition” and Florida Red Tide is what we’re all about, we may continue to “DBA” the Florida Red Tide Coalition.
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Red Tide is back - Already

Ladyfish killed by Florida Red TideThose poor folks down in Sarasota county, they were hit really hard with one of the worst red tide on records this summer. It cleared barely a month ago, and now, guess what? The Red Tide is back! From Manasota key all the way up to Venice, the waters are toxic with red tide again.
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Mote Marine and FWRI try to bury Evidence

After massive piles of drift algae washed up on Lee County beaches two years ago and after toxic blue-green algae turned the Caloosahatchee River and its estuary neon last year, evidence that nutrients harm waterways could not be disputed. The culprit was nutrient-rich water dumped to the river from Lake Okeechobee and urban pollution, including sewage and septic outfall, from the river’s own watershed.

Disturbed by scientists’ assertion that red tide was just an unfortunate natural phenomenon and that no data showed it was getting worse, Lee County hired Brand to study the state’s 50 years of historic red tide data. He concluded red tide had become more widespread, longer lasting and 10 to 15 times more frequent. His report is still under peer review — a process of scrutiny by other reputable scientists.

Brand said scientists with Mote and FWRI made attempts to sway him from presenting his research to the public last year.

“(They) strongly encouraged me to not present my data to the public,” Brand said, adding that he and the other scientists interpret the state’s data differently.

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