After decades of research, key questions unanswered

Posted on Tuesday 27 June 2006

Earnest research into red tide has been under way since 1948, when the toxin-emitting algae, now called Karenia brevis, was identified as the single-cell organism causing Gulf waters to become rusty brownish-red. Since that time, researchers and the public have looked for answers, although, until the past 15 years, there has not been much funding made available to do the work. Funding grants to study the phenomenon along the Gulf of Mexico coast were usually less than $100,000 a year. 1

The question needs to be asked of our legislature: Why aren’t you trying to stop red tide? Is it because the people who cause red tide (citrus growers and homeowners who use fertilizers on their lawns), would be offended if you ask them to stop making red tide?

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