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Pollution - Red Tide link evidence again

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This one is real quick and to the point. I wouldn’t even include if ti wasn’t for the fact the State, FWRI, FFWG, Mote Marine, START, and the Red Tide Alliance have repeatedly said there’s no evidence pointing to a link between red tide and polluted run off. (By the way, since we […]

Evidence - Red Tide is on the Rise

For some reason our state government and a handful of scientific and pseudo-scientific organizations they sponsor namely, FWRI, Mote Marine, S.T.A.R.T. and the Red Tide Alliance have all been telling blatant mistruths about red tide. Today I will present evidence directly discounting one of their “errors”. We will call them errors instead of […]

Red Tide - Pollution Evidence

Mote Marine Read this:
I know your keen on trying to say the science says there’s no link between red tide and pollution. But the public is catching on. Just in case this is an honest mistake on your part, Here’s some evidence of the links between red tide and pollution:
“Nutrient limits in Japan’s […]

Warning! Jellyfish alert in central Florida!

Even though not a lot of people are swimming this time of year, this is still important news for all beachgoers in the central Florida area. There’s been a multitude of jellyfish at beaches in Central Florida’s Volusia County and Brevard County. When the wind blows the jellyfish blow ashore, where they are stepped on, […]

More Evidence of the Pollution - Red Tide Link

To most of us the link between the increase in intensity, frequency and size of the red tide blooms here in Florida and fertilizer run off is obvious. After Red Tide is an algae, algae is a plant and fertilizer makes plants grow. However our state government and the research groups it sponsors (like […]

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