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Koreans making Red Tide “Go Away”

Why can’t we?
On August 16, a red-tide warning was issued for west sea of Namhae-gun, Southern Gyeongsang Province. Ocher is being sprayed in sea in front of Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun. Ocher absorbs microorganisms that cause red-tide and then sinks onto the bottom of sea. Source

Red Tide to move into Tampa Bay

The Red Tide Bloom is expected to move into Florida’s Tampa Bay in approx two weeks time. The Scientists are cautiously optimistic that that this batch of red tide won’t be as bad as the last (which hung around Tampa Bay for over a year).
This year’s red tide event is large and […]

Polluted Run off getting harder for state and Mote to Ignore

But they sure are trying. At a recent red tide forum, where the state and Mote Marine had planned on feeding propaganda to the public about how hard they were trying to fight red tide, but gosh darn it, it’s a natural phenomenon that’s just so tough, we’d better just get used to it, […]

Charlotte Harbor all “Fu**ed Up”

Between Red Tide severe silt problems, blue-green algae and other messes, Charlotte Harbor is going through a rough time. Read Full Story