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Beach Closure for Red Tide?

Apparently not here in Florida but today we bring you another example of beaches being closed because of red tide. Only in this example there was an investigation as to why a beach with red tide in Australia. Of course what they call red tide in Australia is different than the Florida […]

Red Tide shows up in Washington

Florida is not the only state to be effected by red tide. Last month I reported about the red tide in Texas. Now Red Tide is showing up on Washington’s beaches.

The growing problem of red tide is a worldwide wildlife conservation issue. Ocean health effects all of all over the world. […]

Number of ocean ‘dead zones’ rise

Scientists have found 200 “dead zones” in the world’s oceans — places where pollution threatens fish, other marine life and the people who depend on them. The United Nations report Thursday showed a 34 percent jump in the number of such zones from just two years ago.

Pollution-fed algae, which deprives other living marine life of […]

Yes, Florida Red Tide is getting worse

Despite what Our State Government is sayng here’ds some more definitive proof that Florida Red Tide is increasing in frequency, strength and duration.

Yet another peice of evidence to prove the state of Florida is either willingfully lying or horribly inept. […]

Red Tide in Texas

It’s not just Florida Red Tide. Texas has been having some trouble with increased amounts of red tide along their Gulf coast as well again this year.:
“Red tide blooms have been found as far north as Matagorda Island, Port Aransas, the Corpus Christi Ship Channel and along Padre Island.
You couldn’t see it in the […]

Red Tide so bad they thought it was an Oil Slick!

The Red tide is so thick off Anna Maria Island in Sarasota Florida they thought it was an oil slick. Turned out that it was just your typical but strong Florida red tide, this time it also had the dreaded blue-green algae with it as well.
When officials thought it was an oil slick tainting […]

Koreans making Red Tide “Go Away”

Why can’t we?
On August 16, a red-tide warning was issued for west sea of Namhae-gun, Southern Gyeongsang Province. Ocher is being sprayed in sea in front of Sangju-myeon, Namhae-gun. Ocher absorbs microorganisms that cause red-tide and then sinks onto the bottom of sea. Source

Red Tide effects far inshore

Think you can escape the toxic effects of red tide by simply staying away from the beach?
Think again.
Red Tide doesn’t just effect people who live on the beaches of FloridaAccording to recent studies conducted by Barbara Kirkpatrick, a senior scientist with Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, toxic blooms of algae can be carried considerable distances […]

Active Hurricane Season Adds To Red Tide

Scientists believe that Florida’s very active 2004 hurricane season may have played an important part in the development of extensive and long-lasting red tide conditions that affected its coastal areas in 2005.
The four hurricanes that crossed the Sunshine State in August and September 2004 dumped as much as 27 inches of rain (nearly double the […]