Red Tide - High AltitudeThe latest report on where the Red Tide is in Florida and/or the Gulf of Mexico:

updated 1-21-2007, the 4th update this month.

The official FWRI Red Tide Report indicates that Florida Red Tide is reappearing in several spots on the west coast of Florida:
the patches of red tide off Sarasota County, Florida and Collier County, Florida have evidently combined to form one very large red tide bloom which has grown in size. It’s now a medium intensity red tide bloom that stretches from northern Sarasota County to southern Collier County.
The Highest concentrations were around Gasparilla Pass in Charlotte County.
Fish kill reports have been received from the Venice area of Sarasota County and Caxambas Pass in southern Collier County.

Good News for Pinellas and Manatee Counties in Florida - No red tide reported by the state, citizens or the press so far.

Considering this is the middle of winter and the red tide is already this large and intense, this summer isn’t looking very good for Florida.

FWRI also still isn’t doing any testing or satelite imagery for most of the Florida Keys area where citizen and news reports of moderate to severe red tide keep coming in.

For the official map of red tide counts visit the Florida Fish and Wildlife Research Institue’s Red Tide Status Report

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