The Florida Red Tide Mission

Sunset Maderia Beach Florida THE STATEMENT:

Florida Red Tide Solutions, has these ultimate and immediate goals:
• To bring red tide blooms back to their historic levels with in two years of the projected start date.
• To mitigate red tide blooms that occur near populated and/or environmentally sensitive areas.
• To use proven methods of reducing new Red Tide Blooms.


Red Tide Blooms & Harmful Algal Blooms
The treatment(s) that applies effectively for red tide are likely to benefit the control of other Harmful Algal Blooms (HAB’s) in Florida.
Florida Red Tide is a type of Harmful Algal Bloom
By exploring all possible causes, and taking immediate action to correct them through legislation that results in tangible results, we firmly believe that once a small group of people take action, we can give the large entities the research, information, guidance, spotlight, motivation and action that they need to cure Florida Red Tide Now.


The start date hasn’t been chosen yet. Florida Red Tide Solutions is all about curing Florida’s Red Tide now, so obviously we want to get started as soon as possible. Before we begin however, we need your help.


Before we irreplaceably damage the environment, meaning very soon, we need
to actively address the red tide issue in the Gulf Coast area, off of Florida, first by exploring all causes, and next independently testing all known solutions…. with the intent being to ethically, morally and rationally choose the least harmful solution/treatment for the gulf coast; in order to ‘short term’ quell the destruction that has effected our state and health. At the same time to investigate viable solutions to lesson the main source of these harmful algal blooms, the wastewater and fertilizer dump into our waters through viable fertilizing alternatives for our community land and businesses. Our timeframe/goal/focus: to perform some major act of red tide mitigation within the next 24 months at which time a new mission statement will be presented.

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