Warning! Jellyfish alert in central Florida!

Posted on Saturday 6 January 2007

Even though not a lot of people are swimming this time of year, this is still important news for all beachgoers in the central Florida area. There’s been a multitude of jellyfish at beaches in Central Florida’s Volusia County and Brevard County. When the wind blows the jellyfish blow ashore, where they are stepped on, picked up by children or investigated by dogs.

Blown ashore? These particular jellyfish are Portuguese Man of War jellyfish. their venom is quite powerful, although rarely is it lethal. The stings are always quite painful and if you have an allergy it can cause panafilactic shock, which can be a very serious threat to your life.

What do to if you get stung?


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Red Tide Paralyzes Pelicans

Posted on Friday 29 December 2006

The Conservancy of Southwest Florida has reported they are getting several pelicans a day who have been paralyzed by red tide. They are so parlayzed they can’t stand, swallow or even blink. Several have died from this of course. Of the pelicans Conservancy officials treat, about 80-percent survive - but only with weeks of fluids, food, and a lot of care.

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2006 could be deadliest year for Manatees

Posted on Monday 25 December 2006

The Manatee mortality rate for 2006 is 24 dead manatees away from setting a record. All those boaters, fishing guides and boat manufacturers who pressured the state to remove manatee zones and prevent new state wide manatee protections must be so proud! So far 392 manatees had died in Florida by December 8th, most of them from collisions with boats and not red tide1, surprisingly. If we can get out into our boats and run down just 2 dozen more, we’ll break the record!

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More Evidence of the Pollution - Red Tide Link

Posted on Sunday 24 December 2006

To most of us the link between the increase in intensity, frequency and size of the red tide blooms here in Florida and fertilizer run off is obvious. After Red Tide is an algae, algae is a plant and fertilizer makes plants grow. However our state government and the research groups it sponsors (like F.W.R.I., Mote Marine, S.T.A.R.T.) continually say there is “no evidence” that suggests a link between runoff polluted with fertilizer and red tide. Well The Red Tide Coalition has found some more of this evidence that they can’t seem to find.


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State caught Lying About Red Tide

Posted on Monday 11 December 2006

That’s not the only environmental issue they’ve been caught directly lying about. Seems someone at the Governors mansion feels bad about what they’ve been doing and is leaking things to environmental groups and the press! More on that later but for now:

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