Polluted Run off getting harder for state and Mote to Ignore

Posted on Monday 31 July 2006

But they sure are trying. At a recent red tide forum, where the state and Mote Marine had planned on feeding propaganda to the public about how hard they were trying to fight red tide, but gosh darn it, it’s a natural phenomenon that’s just so tough, we’d better just get used to it, they were some surprises. Some honest scientists showed up and actually spoke about the science and specifically about polluted run off (especially run off polluted with fertilizers) feeding red tide, increase the size, duration, frequency, and intensity of Red Tide blooms.

Dumbfounded the State and Mote Marine have come up with 2 new lies for us to argue about (instead of the real issue of polluted runoff), Now they are trying to say that:

  1. It can’t ever be proven that run off effects red tide in any way. (It has already been proven by everyone who has studied except for the state of Florida and their only approved red tide researchers - Mote Marine. That’s because they refuse to study the question. No study, no proven link, convenient whuh?
  2. It can’t even be proven that red tide has gotten worse. This is one of the most insulting lies ever. There is tons of proof. Pursuing this (. . . what do they call it in politics?), “Talking Point(?)” Is just downright insulting and disturbing. This leads us to believe they don’t want to fix the problem and are going to try to tell us the problem isn’t even there, we’re just imagining it.

Here’s a video showing the local conservative news station “reporting” on it.

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