Red Tide is back - Already

Posted on Saturday 13 January 2007

Ladyfish killed by Florida Red TideThose poor folks down in Sarasota county, they were hit really hard with one of the worst red tide on records this summer. It cleared barely a month ago, and now, guess what? The Red Tide is back! From Manasota key all the way up to Venice, the waters are toxic with red tide again.

Rich Pierce, a senior scientist and director of the Center for Ecotoxicology at Mote Marine Laboratory in Sarasota, said Wednesday scientists were not sure if this bout of red tide was a remnant of the previous bloom or a new one. “We do know that it is back along the coast in low to moderate concentration with patchy high concentration,” Pierce said. But, he added, it might not be a carryover. “This could be a new one,” he said.

Worse yet, they’ve known this very intense patch of red tide was lingering off shore of the area and that all it would take was small storm to push it onto the beaches. Then the say the storm coming. They didn’t issue one single health warning to residents and tourists in the area.

Red Tide has been known to have very harmful effects on the young and the elderly. It’s been discovered that not only does it effect the respitory system immediately on contact, but it also has lingering (perhaps permanent) damaging effects on the immune system. Red Tide and its Effects on Human Health Since the very young and the very old are especially at risk and it’s flu season at the same time, we think a public warning was absolute necessary.

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