Venice High School has cure for Red Tide

Editors Note: As this story evolved, more and more information came to light. This story has been re-written to reflect some of that new information.
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Local High School beats Mote Marine and FWRI easily at developing a Florida Red Tide killer - all they did was try!

It looks as though developing something that would kill red tide blooms instantly was pretty easy after all. Venice High School is testing a patented invention of Bob Rigby’s that kills red tide! Under thewatchful eyes of two professors with extensive related expeirence, the students at Venice High School and his students have been running several rounds of tests on it a year since 2004. The compound he has made is fairly simple. It’s main ingredient is chlorine, like in our drinking water. When applied in proper ratios preliminary testing has shown it kills the red tide algae on contact and doesn’t affect other marine life.

How many different formulas have Mote Marine and FWRI tested? Exactly zero! They’re actully being beaten by a single man and some high school kids.

Sounds like a pretty straight forward story right?

Well this is Florida, of course there has to be some drama . . .
You gotta read the rest of this Florida Red Tide story!

Here are a few more interesting aspects of this story:

Mote Marine and FWRI didn’t (and still doesn’t) want anything to do with this red tide killer. 1 Although Mote did offer to put their name on it if the “inventor” was willing to give it up.

Start tried to reserve the right to tell everyone what the secret ingredient was in the formula, in exchange for a little funding. Now that the secret ingredient is out and the formula patented. There is no interest at all from START.

Just for clarification. Venice High School is just doing the independent testing nessecary testing on this “Red Tide Cure“. The cure was actually invented by Bob Rigby, whom does not work at the school.

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