Florida Man April 10 (4/10)

A Florida man wouldn’t leave his spaghetti unattended; Not even a fork.

After there was news of a disturbance by a man, the police in Naples were called to the Olive Garden.

Police found Ben Padgett, 32, sitting naked near the front door, eating spaghetti with his bare hands.

WBBH According to reports, Padgett also smelled the smell of alcohol.

According to the arrest report, Padgett demanded money from people when he approached the doors of the restaurant. When an employee at Olive Garden asked him to stop, he got angry and said he could hit an A-.

Padgett walked into the restaurant to ask the staff what kind of genitals they had.

Padgett was eventually caught and smashed his head into the metal fender of the patrol car.

Famous April 10th Birthdays

Year: 1983, American actor Ryan Merriman

Year: 1977 Stephanie Sheh, American actress, director, and sound producer

Year: 1963 Jeff Gray, American baseball player and coach

Year: 1961 Mark Jones, American basketball player

Year: 1959 Yvan Loupier, Canadian economist and politician

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