Florida Man April 11 – Florida Man Birthday Challenge

After making jokes in restaurants, a Florida man flew too close to the sun. Then he was forbidden to order pizza.

According to the Palm Beach Post, Florida resident Randy Riddle has been accused of placing fake orders, failing to pay for pizza, and having it delivered to an incorrect address. According to the authorities, Riddle used five different phone numbers and sometimes used a fake name.

According to TC Palm, Riddle posted a $5,500 bail with one condition: Riddle must refrain from calling the pizzeria or abusive calls or else the bail will not be voided.”

He called Sebastian’s police, Mayor Sebastian and Sebastian’s health department repeatedly in June to file complaints about the quality of the food.

According to the police, “His goal was to compromise either the price or the quality of delivery,” according to TC Palm.

Riddle has been charged four times with telephone harassment, two counts of first-degree theft and one count of second-degree theft.

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