Florida Man April 12 – Florida Man Birthday Challenge

Stay calm, Florida man. A Port St Lucy police officer was stopped in a shabby pickup on April 12. The driver was found to be half-naked, covered in sexy gadgets, and dressed. This gave him more surprises than he expected. Underwear bears the words “Breathalyzer” and “Blow Me” near his genitals.

According to a Lane Drowdy police report, Lane Drowdy saw a darkened Dodge truck driving on US Highway 1 around 3:10 a.m. This prompted Drowdy’s patrol car to turn on its headlights. The truck must be stopped. The report states that the Dodge began to slow to almost come to a halt, but the driver was able to open the door to throw a black body out of his car, before revving up again. (Despite numerous attempts to search for it, the object was not found. One block away, a Dodge driver stopped in front of the Best Western. Drudey then ordered the driver to get out of the car and into the car. According to the report, handcuffs were used.

According to the report, Drudey noticed that the man was not only wearing bare feet, but also a T-shirt and the new. Andrews. Campbell claimed that he had just woken up, and that he was going to fix his friend’s flat tire. However, Representative Droody noted that Campbell, a middle-aged man, not only had dilated pupils and nervous behavior, but also displayed a well-combed frame. People who wake up with jelly-like hair are not very common. Drudey suspected that Campbell was under the influence and asked him if he would take a field sobriety test. According to the deputy’s account, Campbell laughed and said he had gout. Drudey then arrested Campbell for drunk driving.

The traffic stop took the next sharp turn to the right of the base. Drowdy found what he called “bar rings” in the center console of Campbell’s truck. There were also a few condoms scattered around the car, which he hoped would not be used. The center console also contains a bag of white powder, which has not been found to be drug related.

Campbell has reportedly asked Drowdy for suggestions on how to do this. When the deputy returned to his patrol car, Campbell refused to give a urine sample. Drudey continued to resist further attempts to screen him for drug use. Drowdy was also found to have two previous DUI convictions and a previous case in which he refused to donate blood, a urine sample, or a breathalyser. According to the TSG, he was also convicted of possession of cocaine and carrying concealed weapons.

He was eventually quoted as saying that he had just completed his DUI within ten years. However, he refused to confirm this. But Florida still allows “general weirdness”.

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