Florida Man April 17 (4/17)

TALHASI, Florida – A man protested conditions in prisons by wearing concrete in front of the governor’s palace.

According to Tallahassee police, Jordan Mazurk, 28, said he locked his arms and filled a PVC pipe with concrete before placing it in two 55-gallon containers. Mazurk was seen around 06:00 AM and got out of the concrete at 10:30 AM.

“Stop the carnage,” wrote one Mazureks gallerist, Mazureks. He was also covered with a mask.

Mazurk, a Texas sociologist and one of the founders of the Campaign Against Toxic Prisons, is a co-creator. May Azad spoke on behalf of the group, saying: “We did not organize the protest, but we are aware of what happened.” “It was an act that showed those in power that our intentions are serious,” Azad said. Our goal is to release the unarmed in prison.

The group’s website stated that the demonstration was due to “the deteriorating situation in Florida prisons,” in a statement.

According to the police, it was difficult to release Mazurk. Kevin Bradshaw, a police spokesman, stated that Mazurek refused to leave the area and it was very difficult to get him out. He said heavy equipment was used.

According to the police, Mazurek will be charged with restricting access and punished for obstructing traffic.

A group of nearly 20 inmate rights advocates sang songs about the Capitol and Law Enforcement Department this week. They demanded the release of prisoners to ensure that the coronavirus pandemic does not affect prisons.

Republican Governor Ron DeSantis spoke about the coronavirus outbreak in Fort Lauderdale Friday morning.

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