Florida Man April 20 (4/20)

A Florida man tried to shoot ducks with a bow and arrow.

According to the Edgewater Police Department, a man was arrested for attacking a duck using a bow and arrow.

According to an eyewitness report on Sunday, a man claimed to have shot the duck in a mango tree lane pond. Witnesses said the man witnessed the accident and tried to help the duck, but it was unsuccessful.

Walter Reeves was 23 years old and shot ducks with a bow and arrow, according to authorities. Rieves claimed he attacked him after a stranger said it was not illegal to shoot a duck.

Investigators concluded that Rieves intended to harm an animal. This was not legal. Rieves was charged with animal cruelty and misdemeanour.

The officer found the injured duck and took it to the Naval Exploration Center.

Walter Reeves is currently being held in Volusia County Jail, and is not available for release on bail.

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