Florida Man April 23 (4/23)

April 23 – st. Petersburg, Florida (AP)

Authorities allege that a man walked into a Florida gas station and hit the 13-year-old stranger. Then he fainted.

According to Hillsborough County police officers, the girl was at the store on Saturday afternoon while her parents were filling gas on the street. According to them, Colby Smith entered the store and hit the girl in the face. I fell to the ground. The authorities claim that Smith did not provoke the girl and that he does not know her.

Smith was arrested by several citizens who stood guarding the store until the deputies arrived.

According to authorities, Smith, 27, has repeatedly refused arrest. Therefore, they used the thunderbolt. They claim that he later admitted to using LSD.

He was charged with aggravated child abuse, surveillance, and nonviolent resistance to arrest.

Famous April 23 Birthdays

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Year: 1947 Carlton Sherwood, American soldier and journalist (d. 2014)

Year: 1939 Bill Haggerty, English journalist

Year: 1936 Roy Orbison, American singer-songwriter

Year: 1918 Maurice Dron, French writer and screenwriter

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