Florida Man April 25 (4/25)

Florida man arrested after trying to drive a hamster ball in the Bahamas

Last weekend, a Florida man tried to ride an inflatable balloon across the Bermuda Triangle. The US Coast Guard rescued the man.

According to the Washington Post, Reza al-Balushi, a man, wanted to travel to the Bermuda Triangle, starting at Pompano Beach. Al Balushi was rescued by the US Coast Guard near Fort Pierce.

Capt. Austin Gould of the US Coast Guard sector in Miami said Al Balooshi’s adventures endanger lives. US Coast Guard teams could spend $144,000 on rescuing Baluchis.

WPLG reports that an athlete attempted to drive a vehicle he built in water in October 2014. Security teams rescued him when his GPS failed. Tried again on April 13, but it was windy.

A message was sent to Al Balushi by the Coast Guard teams. “We consider you insecure about the way you are traveling without support ships,” Palucci was informed in a message. Al Balooshi was warned that if he tried to embark on another such adventure, he could face seven years in prison and a $40,000 fine.

Al-Balushi has not made any statements about whether he will try again.

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