Florida Man April 28 (4/28)

Winter Park, Florida According to police, a 58-year-old Florida man shot his roommate after he got angry at cat hair on the sofa.

Craig Tull faces charges of armed robbery, residential shooting and aggravated assault following Wednesday’s incident at his Central Florida home.

His roommate told investigators that Tal pulled an angry pistol out of the cat’s fur.

According to court documents, Toole shot and killed his roommate.

Orlando The Guardian talks about how Tal put a gun in his roommate’s chest, causing minor injuries.

Police said Tal refused to leave the house after officers arrived.

Tull is performed without warranties. Prison records do not contain a single lawyer.

Famous Birthdays April 28

Year: 1987 Ryan Conroy, Scottish footballer

Year: 1987 Bradley Johnson, English footballer

Year: 1958 Hal Sutton, American golfer

Year: 1950 Jay Leno, American comedian, talk show host, and producer

Year: 1848 Ludwig Shetty, Danish pianist, composer and teacher (d. 1909)

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