Florida Man April 3 (4/3)

Hernando (Florida). Florida authorities say a man attacked his ex-girlfriend with a knife and then hit her with his truck.

The Citrus County Sheriff’s Office released a press release saying that MPs found Brandy Blevins, 42, dead in her front yard Sunday evening.

Investigators believe Eric Hoffman, 41, stabbed Blevins with a large blade. According to the sheriff’s office, a witness said Hoffman killed Blevins by stabbing him with a large sword. He then jumped into his truck and ran over Blevins before crashing into a tree. He managed to escape, but was later captured. Blevins’ death was not immediately clear.

Hoffman was charged with premeditated murder and aggravated assault using lethal weapons. Hoffman is currently in prison without bail.

His appearance on Monday was his first in court. He did not have a lawyer according to court records.

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