Florida Man Birthday August 11

A Florida man on an impressive criminal spree managed to steal different cars

A Florida man stole at least four cars and caused various property damage in what the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office called an “impressive criminal spree.” The incident, which occurred on Tuesday, was enough to astound the deputies.

Sheriff’s deputies at the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office received a report of the incident Tuesday morning. They set off due to the alleged accident on Highway 17 near Palmetto. When they arrived at the so-called Pearson District, they found a stolen Ford F-150 stuck in the mud to the back door.

There was no one inside the Ford F-150 truck. Sheriffs’ deputies determined that the vehicle in question had been stolen from Marion County. While the mayor’s deputies investigated the abandoned van, another case was reported by eyewitnesses. Someone broke into two different buildings and stole another Ford F-150 and a forklift.

According to the information obtained from the arrest reports, the forklift was used until it ran out of gas and then left. Then the suspect stole a Ford F-150 and drove away into the woods. When the mayor’s deputies found the car, they found that the catalytic converter had been removed from the vehicle.

Continuing the investigation, the deputies of the mayors suddenly received a report about the theft and theft of a car. Victims said he stole their car keys and a pair of shoes from the house the thief had entered. But that wasn’t the only thing the thief had stolen. He also stole the car in the garage.

Continuing to gather information about the events, the deputies of the mayors received a robbery report about the theft of an SUV. According to the eyewitness who witnessed the accident, the family who owned the SUV was in the hospital due to the Corona virus. They asked their daughter, who was an eyewitness, to take care of the house.

When another property owner called the deputy mayors, he said he could hear the four-wheeled car as he tended his garden. According to the arrest report, the owner began tracking the canyons and met a man who asked him if he could drink water from the fountains.

The owner told the man that he should not drink from the springs because the water flowing there was poisonous. Then the man acting suspiciously ran away suddenly. The deputies later met Charles Harrington on County Road 3.

All of Harrington’s robberies took place within 18 hours. “To be clear, this is a very rural area and not much has been heard of in this area,” the deputy mayor who arrested Harrington said in his report. The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office filmed the arrest of the thief and a Ford truck stuck in the mud.

When a deputy sheriff at the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office stopped him, Harrington said he was swimming with his girlfriend. He said he knocked on someone’s door in the area and asked for some water, but did nothing else. The deputy sheriff stated that they were aware of everything that was going on.

According to the report, keys belonging to one of the F-150s and the rope linked to another theft were found in Harrington’s pocket. The catalytic converter, previously removed from the truck, was found in the abandoned four-wheeler.

One of the deputy mayors handcuffed him. After investigation, he learned that Harrington had another search warrant outside of Marion County. Harrington is charged with three counts of unarmed robbery and three other grand thefts under $100,000.

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