Florida Man Birthday August 16

Florida man suspected of killing a couple caught biting victim’s face.

Sheriffs’ deputies from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office found the astonishing accident Monday while on patrol in Texta. 19-year-old Austin Harroff was leaning on a man with various hemorrhages and trying to rip his face out with his teeth.

According to information from the Miami Herald, deputy mayors have had trouble keeping Harrouff away from the man. Harroff, a student at Florida State University, was determined not to walk away from the body of John Stevens III, who was later identified.

Then the deputies had to use stun guns and a sniffer dog. However, the efforts of the deputies mayors were not enough. Then they pulled the abnormally strong Haroff away from the man on the ground as he purred and made sounds resembling animal sounds.

Martin County Sheriff William Sender said that after investigating the area, they found Michelle Michonne Stevens, who was stabbed to death in the garage near the scene. There was a situation in the garage where her husband was apparently arguing with Harrove, which indicates an enormous amount of violence.

According to the Miami Herald, Harrouff did not know the pair Stevens beforehand. The attack was carried out completely for no reason and indiscriminately. Authorities believe Haroff is a hallucinogen. A man who was near the scene at the time, who was stabbed while trying to break up the fight, was also taken to hospital.

According to the Miami Herald, Harroff was hanging out with his family at a local bar. He was here with some of his brothers to visit his hometown Teixta. After a while, he got angry and wanted to get out. According to the Palm Beach Post, Harroff is currently undergoing anesthesia at Palm Beach County Hospital.

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Who are the famous August 16 birthdays?

Gloria Blundell, American actress (d. 1986)
1912 Ted Drake, English footballer and manager (d. 1995)


Boris Rotov, Estonian chess player (d. 1987)
Susan Farrell, American ballerina and educator

Mike Jorgensen, American baseball player and manager

Oscar Kolodo, Swiss-Italian rugby player and coach
1961 Christian Okoye, American football player


Emily Robson, American singer-songwriter and banjo player (Dixie Chicks and Courtyard Hounds)
Carrie Price, Canadian ice hockey player

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