Florida Man Birthday August 17

A Florida man chased through law enforcement two counties, severely damaging Representatives’ vehicles.

MARTIN COUNTY, Florida (WFLA) – Sheriff’s deputies from the Martin County Sheriff’s Office arrested a man who tried hard to avoid arrest Monday. Before the suspect was arrested, he dragged the two counties’ vice mayors and severely damaged the vice mayor’s cars.

Aerial video captured by the Martin County Sheriff’s Office showed the moments when Christian Outenot was being chased. Fleeing from law enforcement in his car, which was considered a literal “bad technical experiment”, Otinot did not hesitate to drive over the official vehicles owned by deputy sheriffs.

Ottinot was the protagonist in a high-speed manhunt by deputy sheriffs in two different counties. The reason for the chase was that he attacked a law enforcement officer and was suspected of serial robbery. Once the chase began, Outnote had no qualms about causing havoc.

In the recorded video, Outenot is seen crashing into a patrol car before being arrested by the deputies who were following him. Ottinot attempts to evade law enforcement despite the car accident, but chooses to surrender when surrounded by other deputies.

Ottinot faces multiple charges, including serial robbery, police evasion, and beating a law enforcement officer. He is referred to the court after the legal procedures that will be applied to him. However, no bail has yet been set for him and it is not clear if that will happen.

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Who are the famous August 17th birthdays?

Ralph McKitrick, American golfer and tennis player (d.1923)
1923 Larry Rivers, American painter and sculptor (d. 2002)


Øyvind Leonhardsen, Norwegian football player and coach
Johannes Maria Studd, Austrian composer

Tarja Torunen, Finnish singer-songwriter and producer (Nightwish)

Erica Toda, Japanese actress
1989 Elena Hight, American figure skater


Cinta Laura, German-Indonesian actress and singer
Ella Cruz, Filipino actress and dancer

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