Florida Man Birthday August 19

A drunken Florida man who was found involved in a golf cart accident claims he had to drink because of President Trump’s comments

THE VILLAGES, FL – According to information from the Sumter County Sheriff’s Office, the man who crashed his golf cart in The Villages was very drunk. The Florida man attributed his drinking urge to President Trump. He allegedly started drinking after watching Trump’s remarks on TV.

On a notice to the mayor’s office on the evening of July 30, the vice mayors arrived on Buena Vista Boulevard. When they arrived at the scene, they found that a golf cart had hit a wall. Carrie de Van, 82, was in the golf cart, very drunk.

According to the information obtained from the records, there was a broken axle in the red golf cart that De Van was driving. That’s why the vice mayors thought he was crossing a concrete sidewalk. At first they did not realize that the guy was drunk, but when they began to speak, everything became clear.

While the sheriff’s deputies were trying to question De Van about the incident, the man was gossiping about his words. In addition, the van smells of alcohol, recognizable even from afar. No injuries or material damages occurred in the golf cart accident.

According to the information they obtained during the investigation, the authorities stated that De Van started drinking two hours before the accident. According to Carrie de Van’s testimony, he saw President Trump speaking on TV. Enraged by what Trump said, he sighed next to a bottle of vodka.

Sheriff’s deputies have stated that although de Van has admitted to drinking alcohol, he is believed to be able to drive. But the man in Florida was too drunk to stand alone. He could not complete the sobriety tests conducted at the scene of the accident.

During breath tests carried out according to the statement made by the vice mayors, the amount of alcohol in De Van’s blood was determined as 0.149 and 0.148 during two different tests. After that, Carrie de Van was arrested on DUI charges.

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