Florida Man Birthday August 20

Upon notice, deputies mayors arrested a Florida man who was attempting to perform castration surgery at home.

Highlands County, Florida – Representatives in Florida have arrested a Highlands County resident, according to a report by WTFS. The reason for the man’s arrest was that he had attempted a castration procedure at his home.

Acting on a notice to the mayor’s office on Sunday, deputies arrived at the home of 74-year-old Gary Van Riswick, off Orday Road in Sebring. Ryswick was there when the vice mayors arrived at the scene. He told a deputy mayor that he tried to castrate a man but that he ran into major problems.

Sheriff’s deputies, who were searching the house, found that the man had tried to castrate him in bed, and he was covered in copious blood. The man was placing a towel over his thighs, heavily stained with blood again. An ambulance was called immediately and the man was taken to a nearby hospital. Later, it was reported that the injured were in good condition.

Sheriff’s deputies, while investigating the house, found two parts in a pink container belonging to the man in the hospital. Ryswick created a room in his house that looked like a surgical center with medical equipment and painkillers. There was also a camera in the room to record the surgeries.

Ryswick, who told deputy mayors details of the incident, said he met the man who tried to castrate him on a dark website created for people with castration fetish. He also stated that the surgery would normally take place last week, but he had to postpone the surgery for various reasons.

Ryswick told the man he was trying to neuter that he had experience with animals and that one of his testicles was removed in 2021, according to vice mayors. The man was in the hospital insisting that the procedures continue.

This wasn’t Riswick’s first castration surgery. He testified that he had similarly castrated a man in a hotel a few years earlier. This guy didn’t end well either, according to the Highland County Sheriff’s Office. Ryswick, who was arrested on Monday, was charged with practicing medicine without a license, resulting in second-degree bodily injury. A bail of $250,000 has also been set for him.

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