Florida Man Birthday August 23

A Florida man has been arrested for drug possession and driving with a suspended license.

Groveland (WTFF) – A man who was driving without pants in Florida has been arrested for a suspended driving license and drug possession.

At about 6 a.m. on Wednesday, a BMW-marked car headed west. The person driving the car was 21-year-old Brandon Haslow, whose driver’s license was revoked due to a DUI.

Haselue was in the driveway near her house before the police stopped her.

A Groveland Police Department officer noticed the smell of burning grass when he approached the man and asked if he had a driver’s license.

“You took it from me,” Haselue replied. Haselue said her father was driving and she was sitting. However, he was in the driver’s seat when he said this and he wasn’t wearing pants. There was no one else in the car. The police said they saw him running. “He took the trash,” said Haselue’s father.

Police noticed that the hood was hot and took the man into custody.

In the police report, they wrote the note, “There is cocaine, meth, shakes and scales in a bag that was found in the passenger seat.” Also, Haselue’s pants were on the passenger seat and her purse was inside.

Haselue exercised her right to remain silent in front of the police. He was arrested for driving with a suspended license due to a DUI and possession of meth, cocaine and supplies. A hearing is scheduled for September 17 for the official who has set a $15,000 bail fee.

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Who are the famous August 23 birthdays?

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1949 Rick Springfield, Australian singer-songwriter, guitarist and actor (Zoot)


Queen Noor of Jordan
John Rocha, Hong Kong Irish fashion designer

Mark Butcher, English cricketer and singer

Shifty Shellshock, American singer-songwriter and actor (Crazy Town)
1983 Annie Elonze, American actress


Jeremy Lin, American basketball player
Liane La Havas, English singer-songwriter and guitarist

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