Florida Man Birthday August 24

A man arguing about Christian music threatened his friend with a box piece.

A Florida man has been accused of threatening his friend with a multi-purpose knife he was with in an argument about Christian music.

Caleb Taylor Robinson was eating and drinking with his friend in a warehouse in Big Pine Key. According to Vice Mayors, Robinson wanted to replace the music with Christian music, but his colleagues rejected his idea. An argument broke out between Robinson and his friend, and Robinson threatened him with a knife.

The victim ran to the bathroom and called 911. The mayor’s office announced that Robinson kicked the bathroom door, causing damage that cost $200-400.

Sheriff’s Deputies found Robinson asleep in a car behind the warehouse. The sheriff’s deputies pointed their lamp at Ronbeson, who said he would predict Hell. All the deputy mayors have heard Robinson’s words.

Robinson told the deputies he saw one of his co-workers seriously injured, then was about to throw the man into a wood chopper. Robinson said what he did happened inside of him because of the devil.

Sheriff Robinson’s deputies were arrested.

Another incident on August 24

Florida woman busted for DUI tells cop, ‘This is what I get for being a bridesmaid’

Who are the famous birthdays on August 24th?

Stevie Ray, American wrestler and sports broadcaster
1959 Kid Craddick, American radio host (d. 2013)


Andrés Calamaro, Argentine singer-songwriter, guitarist and producer (Los Abuelos de la Nada and Los Rodríguez)
Paul Duckett, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and drummer (Matchbox Twenty, The Break and Repair Method, Tabitha’s Secret)

Brian Davis, American guitarist, cellist and pianist

Laurent Hearnot, French decathlon
1983 Danny Thompson, Australian-English model and actress


Justin Buchholz, American mixed artist
Uhaa Nation, American wrestler

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