Florida Man Birthday August 25

A 75-year-old man undergoing heart surgery was punched in the chest at Publix.

MIAMI (CBS Miami/Associated Press) — A 75-year-old man who recently had heart surgery was said to have been punched by a woman after drawing attention to social distancing, according to police.

Captain Mike Fowler of Daytona Beach Shores said the accident happened Sunday night.

A woman approached the man from behind and told him to keep an eye on his distance from clients, according to the Daytona Beach News-Journal. A man who was in a different disagreement with the woman, also left the shop with the woman.

When the old man left the shop and loaded his belongings into his car, the woman and the young man with her approached the man. You punched the old young man in the chest.

According to the old man’s testimony to the police, the young man named him and accused him of keeping class inside the store.

Fowler said the old man was punched, fell to the ground and hit his head. He later said that the attacker threatened to kill him by climbing on the man.

Police said the young man and the woman left in a new Cadillac.

Another incident on August 25

Florida woman arrested after vandalizing and setting fire to her ex-husband’s home

Who are the famous birthdays on August 25th?

Bill Handel, Brazilian-American lawyer and radio host
1952 Anne Abraham, English public servant


Sterling Harwood, American lawyer, author, and academic
Albert Bell, American baseball player

Nobuyuki Hiyama, Japanese voice actor

Yuri Mitsui, Japanese actress, model and racing car driver
1969 Rachel Shelley, English model and actress


Adrian Lamm, rugby player and coach for Papua New Guinea and Australia
Diana Nolan, American basketball player

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