Florida Man Birthday August 28

A topless man was walking with a goat while it was raining.

Panama City – A man is supposed to be wearing yellow underwear as everyone came home due to rain Tuesday afternoon in Florida, USA. Walked a goat on East Avenue near 231.

A woman shared photos of a man walking with a goat on Facebook and captioned, “What did you just watch?” The woman wrote: “A man plays the harmonica with a straw hat in his underwear and walks a goat.”

A local defense attorney named Hoot Crawford sent the photo to The News Herald as “a goat is really walking in the parking lot. I don’t know where it went, but it’s a goat.”

A man who shared what he saw on Facebook said, “I was going to the beach and saw a guy in bright yellow underwear. He had a straw hat on his head and a big ass.”

This may all sound fun, but this is Florida. Sheriff Tommy Ford said he doesn’t remember anyone saying the interesting-looking guy did anything weird.

After speaking to his office, Ford instructed his aides to see the man in bright yellow underwear, which was seen over the weekend.

Of the accident, Ford said: “A deputy sheriff searched him. He’s sane, even sane enough to walk a goat. “Maybe he just wanted attention, and he worked.”

Another incident on August 28

Florida Stripper stops at a cop trying to find her missing child, saying ‘I have to get on stage’

Who are the famous August 28th birthdays?

Peter Fraser, Scottish-New Zealand journalist and politician, 24th Prime Minister of New Zealand (d. 1950)
1929 Ken Gambo, South African Police Officer and Representative (d. 2003)


Tito Capobianco, Argentine director and producer
Sonny Shroyer, American actor and singer

Bengt Felstrom, Swedish journalist

Shuja Khanzada, Pakistani colonel and politician (d. 2015)
1951 Keichi Suzuki, Japanese singer-songwriter and actor (The Beatniks)


Hubley Whip, American Actor
Jennifer Coolidge, American actress

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