Florida Man Birthday August 29

The cops questioned a Florida man about marijuana and started gossiping.

A Florida man has been charged with failing to comply with his car’s license plate lights. However, he was later accused of ingesting marijuana on him.

According to the statement from The Smoke Gun, a man named Brandon McComas was driving a silver sedan in Vero Beach, Florida. A sheriff’s deputy on the highway noticed the McComas license plate light was off and ordered him to stop. Approaching the driver’s window, the deputy sheriff noticed that McComas was trying to hide something in his jacket.

The deputy mayor suspected what McComas was trying to hide and searched him. When the deputy mayor asked what McComas was trying to hide, he replied, “Nothing.”

Unhappy with McComas’ response, the deputy mayor became suspicious and handcuffed, conducting a detailed search. McComas said the swelling was weed at the time of the search, but the search found some marijuana and a small glass tube. After examining the car in detail, the deputy mayor found a second glass tube. McComas said that tube was his own.

McComas was arrested for possession of marijuana and sentenced for faulty license plate light. The man who was released Tuesday on $500 bail is now awaiting trial.

This wasn’t the first time McComas had faced imprisonment because of his track record. He was previously convicted of crimes such as domestic assault, uncontrolled drunkenness, indecent behavior, and cocaine trafficking.

Another incident on August 29

Florida man arrested for eating smuggled drenched graffiti in prison

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