Florida Man Birthday August 30

A Florida man abused his girlfriend with his wet penis.

FORT PIERCE, FL – A Florida man gave his girlfriend a wet dick and officers arrested him for assault.

According to a TCPalm.com report, 47-year-old Joseph Cersei went to his girlfriend’s house. When the man entered the house, he saw his girlfriend unconscious on the floor.

Sireci went to another house with his girlfriend and daughter. Sireci continued to drink and fight in the house they went to.

According to the police statement, while returning home, Sireci put his finger in his girlfriend’s ear and harassed her with his wet penis.

Deputies to the sheriffs of St. Lucy County Sireci have been arrested on assault charges.

Another incident on August 30

Florida man Vladimir Putin arrested for yelling at Publix

Who are the famous August 30th birthdays?

Jack Swigert, American pilot and astronaut (d. 1982)
1944 Frick de Jong, Dutch singer and comedian


Peter Maffei, Romanian-German singer and songwriter
Ron George, American businessman and politician

Craig Whitaker, English businessman and politician

Vladimir Malakhov, Russian ice hockey player
1969 Dimitris Sgoros, Greek pianist and composer


Vladimir Jogovic, Serbian footballer
Carlo Cecchinato, Italian rugby player and manager

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