Florida Man Birthday August 6

A Florida man spat in the face of a boy who didn’t want to take off his mask

MIAMI (CBS Miami/Associated Press) — A Florida man who went to a restaurant came face-to-face with a boy wearing a mask at the restaurant. Then he asked the boy to take off his mask. However, the boy refused to take off his mask. Then the man from Florida walked towards the boy and spat in his face. The police arrested him later.

A Florida man named Jason Copenhafer went to a restaurant on Treasure Island on Sunday. He approached a boy’s table in the restaurant and asked why he was wearing a mask. The authorities who gave information about the incident did not disclose the boy’s age.

Copenhafer, 47, turned to the boy, who asked him why he was wearing a mask, and asked him to take off his mask. According to police reports, the boy denied this. Then Copenhaver grabbed the boy’s hand tightly and brought his face close to the boy’s. Finally, he tells the boy that he is now infected with the coronavirus.

The boy, who was the victim of the accident, stated that Copenhaver was very close to him and that he spewed saliva from his mouth while speaking. According to the police report, the boy stated that Copenhaver deliberately spit saliva out of his mouth.

While this event was being held, the restaurant staff intervened. The staff asked the man to sit somewhere. But Copenhaver responded by attacking one of them. Staff said Copenhaver appeared drunk and was not wearing any shoes at the time.

News sources who tried to gather information about the incident stated that Copenhaver was accused of simple battery and disorderly conduct. It was not clear whether the man had a lawyer who would enable him to respond to the charges. He was released after he had already paid the $650 bail.

In addition, Copenhaver said he did not know anything about the coronavirus situation when the police questioned him. He stated that he does not know if he has coronavirus because he has not been tested before.

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