Florida Man Birthday August 8

An anti-abortion man was arrested in Florida for holding a sign outside his elementary school showing aborted fetuses

A Florida man, a provocative protester, has taken his opposition to abortion to another level. Police have arrested a man holding a banner with images of aborted fetuses for causing disturbances outside an elementary school.

According to news reported by NBC2 News, the Punta Gorda Police Department has kept the instigator a secret. However, the information provided by the police included information that the man had been involved in similar provocative incidents in the past.

Police said the Florida man was wearing an anti-abortion T-shirt and carrying a banner showing aborted fetuses and was standing next to the entrance to the school parking lot.

Bystanders, some of them women, tried to argue with the man. In a statement issued by the authorities to NBC2, it stated that other people watched and recorded these discussions and that traffic was blocked after families took action to pick their children from school.

According to the police department, when a policeman tried to get the man out of the building, the man responded with insults and suddenly started screaming. The police, who intervened in the incident, expressed concern that the protester might hit him with the signal.

According to the statement issued by the authorities, similar incidents have occurred before. The same protester attempted to organize a protest at Sally Jones Elementary School in Punta Gorda during pick-up and drop-off hours. Then the police were called to the scene.

The headmaster stated that he could not understand the incident. The principal stated that they are an abstinence zone, do not teach or support abortion, and stated that he had no idea why abortion was being protested at school.

Police Chief Pamela Davis said the man did not conduct protest action under peaceful conditions. According to Davis, the protester harassed children and their families at the school and damaged the school’s work. So it created a potentially violent situation.

“This is clearly a crime,” Chief Constable Pamela Davis told the police department. “No one has the right to harass the citizens of Punta Gorda, their children and their families. We certainly will not allow that.” She said. The protester was arrested on charges of disturbing the security and harming the function of an educational institution.

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