Florida Man Birthday August 9

A Florida man drove his golf cart to a Walmart and tried to run over people in the store, although he doesn’t know why.

Gibson, Florida – A Florida man has been accused of driving a golf cart at a Walmart store. In the incident, which occurred at the store’s busiest hour, the suspicious man attempted to crush them by driving his golf cart over the people inside the store.

According to police information, when the mayor’s deputies arrived at a Walmart store in Gibsonton around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, a man named Michael Hudson was blocking the entrance to the store. The vice mayors could not understand what the man was trying to do at first.

Then Hudson suddenly started his golf cart and started driving into the store. Meanwhile, he bumped into several pedestrians. While some pedestrians managed to escape in front of the golf cart, Hudson drove the golf cart into the store.

When Hudson lost control of his golf cart, he hit a cash register and was taken into custody. A few people hit by Hudson received immediate treatment. There were no serious injuries in the accident.

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Who are the famous August 9th birthdays?

Bill Campbell, American baseball player and coach
1951 Steve Swisher, American baseball player and manager


Ray Jennings, cricketer and coach of South Africa
John Key, New Zealand businessman and politician, 38th Prime Minister of New Zealand

James Kim, American technology expert (d. 2006)

Shamick Holdslaw, American basketball player
1980 Ryo Seung Bum, South Korean actor and singer


Jarvis Hayes, American basketball player
Shane O’Brien, Canadian ice hockey player

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