Florida Man Birthday Challenge February 2

Collier County, FL – A man cut off a hamster’s head and dropped it in a box
By the way, according to officials at the Collier County Sheriff’s Office.

The box containing the hamster was found on 27th Avenue NE by a local woman in January
Fifth. According to police records, 5 other boxes containing small animals were brutally mutilated
It was found last year.

Inside the box, the authorities found a fake name and a receipt for the address, which was purchased from the hamster
From the pet store, a packet of scissors, blood-soaked wipes and a nail kit.

Officials who contacted the pet store where the hamster was purchased checked
Pictures with section. It was understood that the hamster was bought by the 21-year-old
Christian Lee Hunter.

Authorities said they consulted with Lee County investigators about the incident. investigators
He said the 21-year-old hunter’s name was mentioned in case the hamster’s body split.
In May last year. Hunter told the authorities that the hamster had been dismembered.

An order was issued to search the hunter’s house, located 150 meters from the hamster’s box,
Hunter authorities were arrested. Authorities say Hunter admitted to buying hamsters
under a pseudonym.

“Cruelty to animals cannot be justified,” said Kevin Rambusek, Collier County Sheriff,
“We are optimistic about Hunter’s mental health.”

A hunter accused of cruelty to animals and illegal animal extermination

Another incident on February 2

Stabbed in the back in a Gainesville bar over a note on a hat

Who are the famous birthdays on February 2nd?

Julian Suchocki, Polish-Russian mathematician and academic (died 1927)
1929 Sheila Matthews Allen, American actress and producer (d. 2013)
1942 Bo Hopkins, American actor
1955 Bob Shrek, American author
1960 Gary Portela, Finnish journalist


Steve Penny, Canadian ice hockey player
1972 Dana International, Israeli pop singer
1981 Salem Al-Hazmi, Saudi terrorist, hijacker of American Airlines Flight 77 (died 2001)
Sergio Castaño Ortega, Spanish footballer

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