Florida Man Birthday Challenge February 25

A Florida man threw a cookie at his girlfriend. As a result of this behavior the man was accused
from the battery.

Wade Smith, 41, was arrested at his home in Zephyrhills after the incident, according to

The woman said she was beaten, and said Smith threw a hard biscuit on her
brow. A rash occurred on the woman’s forehead due to a cookie being thrown.

According to the information provided by the authorities in the arrest report, the man confessed
To throw cookies. Smith was placed in the Pasco County Jail. It is not known whether it is
Has a lawyer or not.

Another incident on February 25:

Florida man vaped ejaculate his girlfriend

Who are the famous February 25th birthdays?

Herb Elliott, Australian sprinter
1946 Franz Xaver Kreutz, German actor, director and playwright
1950 Emmett Rhodes, American singer-songwriter (The Merry-Go-Round)
1950 Mick Miller, English comedian and actor
1958 Kurt Rampes, American basketball player and coach


Samson Keator, Kenyan runner (d. 2003)
1973 Julio Iglesias Jr., Spanish singer and actor
1976 Samaki Walker, American basketball player


Muhammad Mellon, Bangladeshi archer

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