Florida Man Birthday Challenge February 3

Port Richey, Florida (WSVN) – A man with an official tattoo called 911 to take home. The man accused of using the 911 line unnecessarily has been arrested by the vice mayors.

According to the report received by Fox 13, 22-year-old Matthew Lytham was arrested by Pasco County Sheriff’s Office officials on Sunday.

Police officials said Lytham wanted to call 911 to go home and curse the operator. One of the MPs met with Lytham and asked to call a taxi. Lytham did not accept this offer because he had no money and said he would go home.

Lytham called 911 again and said he wanted to go home. Lytham was arrested by deputy sheriffs while speaking on the phone with the officer. Marijuana was also found in Leatham during research.

Lytham was charged with unnecessary use of the 911 line and possession of marijuana, although he said he did not know what was happening.

Another incident on February 3

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Who are the popular birthdays on February 3?

George Adamson, British wildlife conservationist (d. 1989)
1907 James A. Michener, American author and philanthropist (d. 1997)
1920 Tony Geese, Australian race car driver and pilot (d. 2013)
1927 Kenneth Unger, American actor, director and screenwriter
1947 Carlos Felipe Ximenes Bello, Bishop of East Timor


Melanie Savka, American singer-songwriter and guitarist
1956 John Jefferson, American football player and coach
1960 Joachim Loew, German footballer and manager
Adrian Quaife-Hobbs, Welsh racing driver

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