Florida Man Birthday Challenge February 9

A Florida man first killed his two children and later committed suicide

The accident occurred in the Miami Lakes region, Florida. A Florida man killed his 12-year-old daughter and then his 9-year-old son. A short time later, he committed suicide by shooting himself. Police continued their investigations, and police said it could be a family feud in the first stage.

The authorities stated that the accident occurred in the evening hours. Police rushed to the scene after a Florida man went crazy and killed his children and himself. However, when the police arrived, the child and the man were already dead.

After examining the bodies, Miami-Dade County investigators determined that the deceased children were Balleria Tovar and Matias Tovar. When the other body, which appeared to belong to a man, was examined, it turned out to be that of Humberto Tovar, 41.

The first person to notice the accident was the mother of the deceased children. When the mother returned home, she found the bodies of her children. Then she started waiting to report to the police. The police, conducting the necessary investigations, decided that the mother and father are divorced and live separately.

An eyewitness who was very close to the house where the accident occurred, said he heard the mother’s screams. The eyewitness said he immediately opened the door and started running. She noted that the mother hugged her son’s body when she arrived at the scene, but he could not see the others because of the darkness.

Even if there was an attempt to send a heartfelt message to the little 9-year-old boy lying lifeless on the floor, it was too late for everything. The little boy, his older sister, and his father died. Miami-Dade Police Chief Alfredo Ramirez called the killings meaningless.

Another incident on February 9

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Who are the famous February 9th birthdays?

Natsume Sōseki, Japanese author and poet (d.1916)
1880 Lipot Weger, Hungarian mathematician and academic (d. 1959)
1909 Carmen Miranda, Portuguese-Brazilian actress, singer and dancer (d. 1955)
1952 Danny White, American football player and sports broadcaster
1960 Holly Johnson, English singer-songwriter and musician (Frankie goes to Hollywood and Big in Japan)


Ian Eagle, American sports broadcaster
1974 John Wallace, American basketball player and coach
1982 Jamir Nelson, American basketball player
Valentini Grammaticopoulou, Greek tennis player

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