Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 14

A Milton man attacked after his girlfriend said the baby might not be his. The man who attacked his girlfriend with a bag of tortilla chips has been arrested.

Rust Beatty, 30, is accused of hitting and pushing his girlfriend.

Sheriff’s deputies received a tip from a house located on Milton Pinto Street. According to the report, a couple in love were arguing.

The pregnant woman told her deputies that she was abused by her boyfriend, hit in the face three times with tortilla chips, and punched her daughter.

Petty, who told the mayors he was attacked by everyone in the house, said he was hit in the face with a box. According to the Vice Mayors, although there are scratches on Betty’s face, it seems unlikely that these scratches were with the box.

The pregnant woman told her deputies that her lover Betty and her daughter lived together.

It turns out that Betty was previously conditioned to possess a substance.

Betty is being held without bail in the Santa Rose County Jail for assaulting a pregnant woman and violating probation.

Another incident on March 14

Florida man steals cable truck, cuts service to thousands

Who are the famous March 14th birthdays?

Raymond J. Barry, American actor
1944 Boris Prout, Canadian composer and conductor


Wes Unseld, American basketball player, coach, and manager
1959 Lily Robbins, American actress
1970 Christian Bosch, American singer-songwriter and guitarist (Sugarland and Billy Pilgrim)
Grace Park, Canadian American actress
1974 Rohit Shetty, Indian actor, director and cinematographer
1977 Naoki Matsuda, Japanese football player (d. 2011)
Mercedes McNabb, Canadian model and actress

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