Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 15

A Florida man showed his ears cut off when asked about his grandfather’s death.

DELAND, Florida (WSVN) – A man has been charged with the murder of his grandfather.

According to an Orlando Sentinel statement, the two mayors went to a home in Deland, Florida. Colby Parker, 30, who was at the house, told authorities he found him smoking marijuana and later getting into a fight. Parker said he took the knife and used it against his grandfather when he came to his grandfather with a knife.

Sheriff’s deputies found the old man’s body on the balcony of the house.

Investigators said that Parker pulled my ear out of his pocket during interrogation. The ears were owned by Parker’s grandfather.

Sheriff’s deputies said Parker tried to get the rifle and stun gun from the officers. In addition, Parker beat three deputy mayors during arrest.

According to a Fox 35 statement, Parker admitted to hitting his grandfather in the head with a baseball bat and stabbing his grandfather. According to Parker, her grandfather said she was with her deceased grandmother.

Colby Parker is accused of battery deans, violence and second degree murder. Parker was arrested without bail.

Another incident on March 15

Florida man steals cable truck, cuts service to thousands

Who are the most popular March 15th birthdays?

Marcus Reichel, American neurologist and physiologist
1940 Phil Leech, American bassist (Grateful Dead, The Other Ones, The Dead, Furthur)


Jean-Louis Lavos, French racing car driver (died 1981)
1953 Colin Croft, Guyanese cricketer and sports broadcaster
1956 Clay Matthews Jr., American football player and coach
Harold Baines, American baseball player and coach
1969 Gianluca Vista, Italian football player and coach
1977 Adrian Burnside, Australian baseball player
Alyssa Reed, Canadian singer-songwriter and guitarist

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