Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 17

According to the police statement, a man urinating in the room attacked the other man who tried to stop him.

Melbourne, Florida. – According to Melbourne Police, a Florida man urinated across the room and attacked himself. The drunk man thanked a man for giving him a place to stay.

The victim said she met her attacker, Colin Gibb, at a party in Melbourne on Saturday.

Jeb was so drunk he couldn’t go home. The victim took Jeb to his home and hosted him.

On Sunday, the host woke up to sounds from Jeep’s room. When he got to the room, Jeb was peeing all over the place. The victim asked Jeb to leave the house, but Jeb did not. Jeb began using violence against the victim.

“He attacked me while he’s out of his penis,” the victim said.

According to the information, Jeep was 1.80 meters long and about 170 pounds. You punched the victim’s pocket and tried to strangle him. The victim wanted to call the police, but before he could, Gibb pushed him against a wall.

When the police asked Jeb about the incident, he said, “I heard the story and there’s nothing to tell,” and asked the authorities, “Why am I here?”

Jeb was arrested on charges of battery, property damage, and inappropriate exposure, as police found blood, a room soaked with urine, and holes in the wall during a search of his home.

Another incident on March 17

Florida woman arrested for biting her husband during sex

Who are the famous March 17th birthdays?

Kate Greenaway, English author and painter (d. 1901)
1886 Princess Patricia Connaught (died 1974)


Gabriel Verzetti, Italian actor
1936 Patti Maloney, American actress and puppeteer
1940 Mark White, American lawyer and politician, forty-third Governor of Texas


Michael Venessy, English pianist and composer
1958 Christian Clemson, American actor
1962 Rob Sych, Australian actor, director, producer and screenwriter
Patrick Lebow, Canadian ice hockey player

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