Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 20

Sarasota (CBS Miami) – Residents of East Sarasota are on squirrel watching this week.

The inhabitants of eastern Saratosa are threatened by an aggressive squirrel. because of
Squirrel, the people who live in the neighborhood are very careful.

The squirrel chased four people using its claws and teeth. Surveillance cameras too
Squirrel attack recorded on Saturday.

Someone who lives in the neighborhood mentioned that they treated a squirrel when it was a baby.
The alarm level always remains high in the neighborhood because it is not known when
The squirrel, called 8-Up, will make its next attack.

Another incident on March 20

A Florida man tries to sell 3 iguanas taped to his bike to passersby for dinner

Who are the most popular birthdays on March 20?

Theodor von Hegellin, German explorer and ornithologist (d. 1876)
1906 Abraham Beam, English-American politician and politician, 104th Mayor of New York City (d. 2001)


Jerry Reed, American singer-songwriter, guitarist and actor (d.2008)
1963 Greg Binkley, American actor
1969 Jean Labonte, Canadian bobsleigh player


Tamas Nadas, Hungarian pilot (d. 2014)
1970 Michael Rappaport, American actor and director
1971 Tori, American journalist and author
Elo Viiding Estonian poet

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