Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 21

In Florida, a group of men tried to burn down the house with ragu sauce. One person in the group
He was dressed as a bull.

Police officers arrested two men with packets of pasta and tried to burn them with ragu sauce
The house they stole from him.

According to WKMC-TV, two men, Derek Irving, 36, and John Silva, 28,
They were arrested for stealing a TV and wall unit from the home they burgled.

In a statement made by the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office, it was stated that the alert system
From the house he detected motion and the phone rang.

According to a WKMC-TV statement, the camera was covered with a piece of cloth. seeing this,
The owner immediately reported it to the police.

And the police, who arrived at the scene, announced that a red SUV was trying to escape from it
the home. Two suspicious men told the police that they had bought something to wear from
a house. The host said Irving was wearing a Thor suit.

One deputy mayor said there was a TV, a wall unit, a marijuana mill, and
An empty jar of ragu sauce in the car.

According to a WESH-TV statement, officials said they found ragu sauce in the bowl and
A piece of cloth near the stove.

The host told WESH-TV, “The thieves tried to make it look like I left the stove on. Who gets
You wake up at 2 am trying to do something? “

Silva and Irving told the officials that their encounter with the host was due to sex in the past
encounters. The host told WKMC-TV, “The relationship lasted for about a week. He was driving
My car for four months. I gave him $150 to get his teeth fixed, he might be pissed off about it.”

Silva and Irving are charged with unarmed robbery, arson and grand larceny.

Who are the most famous March 21st birthdays?

Sim Jokes, Dutch composer and conductor (d. 1943)
1934 Al Freeman Jr., American actor and director (d. 2012)


Hartmut Hanschen, German conductor
1950 Sergey Lavrov, Russian politician and diplomat, Russian Foreign Minister
1951 Buck Zumhoff, American wrestler


Fadi Abboud, Lebanese economist and politician
1975 Justin Pierce, Anglo-American actor and skateboarder (d. 2000)
1980 Ronaldinho, brazilian footballer
Joseph Mole, English actor

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