Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 23

Miami (CBS Miami / Associated Press) – Police officers announced that the man who jumped from the hotel
In the Panhandle he died because his parachute was not opened.

The young man jumped from the 14th floor of the Sunrise Beach Resort in Panama City

Panama City Beach Police provided detailed data as a result of the investigation of

Base Jump often jumps over places such as buildings or cliffs. Many Base Videos
Equipped with skydiving and winged jumps that come close to the ground.

Another incident on March 23

Florida man drinks $80 worth of Jägermeister shots, shoots bar

Who are the famous March 23 birthdays?

Stanley Armor Dunham, American sergeant (d. 1992)
1932 Don Marshall, Canadian ice hockey player


Dave Pike, American vibraphone player and songwriter (d. 2015)
1942 Walter Rodney, Guyanese historian, researcher and activist (d. 1980)
1944 BB Gavrilov, Russian rugby player (d. 2006)


Penelope Milford, American actress
1970 John Humphrey, American drummer (The Nixons and Seether)
1978 Perez Hilton, American blogger and author
Simon Gardenfors, Swedish painter

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