Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 25

Wildlife authorities responded to two men who were drinking, videotaping and walking around
around with a wounded owl.

Wildlife authorities differ, although the two men have a great time in pictures. two
Men can be to blame, according to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission.

“These pictures are really driving people crazy,” said Bush Sanctuary’s director of animal welfare.
regarding the accident.

A video posted on Facebook on March 16 shows two men roaming with an owl
He appears unconscious. The man who uploaded the video said they saw the owl walking in the west
Palm Beach. In the message portion of the video, it was written, “We’re drunk, we’re ready for it
Take that thing we found and eat it.”

In the video, loud music is playing and the man behind the wheel is holding the bird.
Alcohol bottles appear on the car’s center console.

Fish and Wildlife Commission spokesperson Liz Baracco stated that American fish and
The Wildlife Service has launched an investigation into the incident. However, he did not submit
Any information on whether the two men will be interviewed and whether they will take place

Capt. Dave Welskey of Palm Beach County Animal Conservancy reported that
videotaped to the state agency and said he received an email from Florida Animal Control

The great horned owl is a protected species. So government agency agreed to
He took responsibility for the accident and reported the owl to Bush Sanctuary.

Authorities contacted someone who appeared in the video. People said in the footage
They left the owl the next day. The men said they never touched the owl and let it go.

Authorities focus on the possibility of an owl being injured in a car accident. Kite said
I was heartbroken when I learned that the injured owl was still there and needed help. “We come
Cross these animals often, and there is no one to blame,” Kate said. However, this event
It differs from the others. Here we know who the people are and we communicate. “I really
Sorry an animal hit by a car won’t get the treatment it deserves.

Another incident on March 25

Florida man steals from Walmart, uses shopping cart as escape car

Who are the famous March 25th birthdays?

Johannes Wilmsson, Estonian runner (d. 1971)
1913 Rio Stakis, Cypriot-Scottish businessman, founder of Stakis Hotels (died 2001)


Rene Mullenstein, Dutch football player and coach
1970 Carrie Matchett, Canadian actress
1976 Gigi Leung, Hong Kong singer and actress


Tommy Junagin, American comedian
1985 Diana Renick, Estonian snowboarder
1987 Victor Obinna, Nigerian footballer
Samia Yusuf Omar, Somali runner (d. 2012)

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