Florida Man Birthday Challenge March 28

LARGO, Florida – Largo police killed a man named Linus Philip on Friday. man’s family
Police are accused of using Philip’s finger to gain access to the phone.

Police approached Philip’s car at the WaWa gas station in Clearwater on Friday. The Car
Philip was driving illegally according to the police statement. Police officers stated that
They smelled marijuana from inside the car, which had its windows covered illegally.

The cops said that Philip tried to open the car door, but a policeman named Matthew Steiner was too
dragged him away. According to the police, Philip used his car as a lethal weapon. Philip
She was killed by the police without any pistol. On the other hand, Police Officer Steiner didn’t do that
Received no penalty and survived the accident with minor injuries.

Philip’s family, on the other hand, wants the video recordings at the WaWa gas station where
The accident happened. However, the video is allegedly not recorded by the police
difference. Police said the officers who gave Phillips CPR were arrested.

Philip’s family lawyer, John Trevina, said, “This is the first time I’ve heard that there is no
video recording.”

Another family claim is the use of Philip’s corpse. Philip’s finger was used
The family claimed access to the phone at the Slyvan Abbey Funeral Home.

“It is disgusting to use a dead man’s finger,” Armstrong said of the claim.

On the other hand, the police did not provide any explanation for the allegations
It was continuous.

Martha Hicks (Philip’s mother) said, “My son turned 30 on March 11 and they killed him.”
Wednesday interview. “Our only desire is to know what’s going on.”

“My son no longer has a father,” Armstrong said. The police slander him. “we
Struggling to find out the truth.”

The couple’s young daughter died of leukemia last year. Their son Isaac is only 16 months old.

Another incident on March 28

Pensacola woman misses 37 weeks of pregnancy because of bad Chinese food

Who are the famous March 28 birthdays?

Herschel Greenspan, German assassin of Ernst vom Rath (died 1960)
1941 Philip Fang, Hong Kong interpretation specialist, United Nations official (d. 2013)


Pierre Saint Jean, Canadian weightlifter
1947 Peter Hennessy, English historian and academic
1959 Mark Poland, Dutch-English businessman


Steve Ball, English footballer and manager
1971 Christian Meneses Jacobs, Nicaraguan-American journalist and educator
1972 Keith Tkachuk, American ice hockey player
Lee Hee Kang, South Korean football player

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