Florida Man Birthday February 12

Somerfield, Florida (AP) – A 63-year-old man wanted to go to auto parts
Store, but went to jail instead of the store.

A man named Juan Zamora asked the Marion County sheriffs for directions
Saturday night. Zamora, who was looking for an auto parts store, asked how to get there, but
Representatives smelled alcohol.

The deputies suspected alcohol and conducted a breathalyzer test on Zamora. Zamora resisted at first
He took a breathalyzer test and told MPs “I stopped you, you didn’t stop me.”

As a result of the alcohol test, Zamora was above the legal limit. Zamora arrested in
DUI fee

Another incident on February 12:

A Florida woman assaults her husband after finding a dildo among his belongings

Who are the popular birthdays on February 12th?

Eugene Atget, French photographer (d. 1927)
1907 Joseph Kearns, American actor (died 1962)
1922 Hussain Onn, Malaysian politician and lawyer, 3rd Prime Minister of Malaysia (d. 1990)
1946 Jean-Igui Ndong, Gabonese politician, Prime Minister of Gabon
1950 Angelo Brandoardi, Italian singer-songwriter and guitarist


Michelle Petty, Canadian ice hockey player
1988 Mike Posner, American singer, songwriter, and producer
1991 Patrick Hermann, German footballer
Rina Kawai, Japanese singer and idol (AKB48)

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