Florida Man Birthday January 1

Description of The Incident: Naked Florida Man bit K-9
A woman called officials on December 27 to report that a person named Watts used methamphetamine.

When officials arrived at the scene, someone else called them and told them there was a man with a flashlight in the park during the dark.

When officials approached the man with the lamp, they noticed that the man was in a shallow stream and was making strange noises.

According to the arrest report, Watts was making birdsong and laughing as he walked around the creek. Watts was naked and covered in mud.

Officials failed to capture Watts while attempting to detain him, stating that he was hiding under the stairs of a motorhome.

Then Watts came down the stairs and attacked the officials.

You Watts one of the officials. The injured official took out his stun gun and shot Watts, but that didn’t work.

Watts managed to escape, and officials called in a reinforcement team. 6 officials and a K-9 named Casper arrived at the scene.

Reinforcements caught him in the woods, and they saw Watts standing on all fours and roaring like a dog. Subsequently, officials reported that Watts attacked the K-9, biting it behind the ear, and knocking it to the ground.

Subsequently, Casper was said to have bitten Watts in the head and was arrested by the authorities. But Watts was still behaving aggressively.

The arrest report said Watts spat in the face of an official as he was being pulled out of the woods.

Watts, who was treated for a dog bite at a local hospital, was taken to prison by officials.

The Florida man shot the target board in his backyard, and shot his neighbor sitting at the table in the adjacent dining room.

25-year-old Amber Campbell and 31-year-old John Arwood thought they had been stuck in a doorman’s locker at Daytona State College for two days, but didn’t realize they could open the door and get out.

1863 – French historian and educator Pierre de Coubertin founded the International Olympic Committee (died 1937)

Who are the famous birthdays on January 1?

1909 Dataram Hindilkar, Indian cricketer (d.1949)
1923 Milt Jackson, American vibraphone player and composer (Modern Jazz Quartet) (d. 1999)
1931 Jimmy Smith, Irish Pitcher (d. 2013)
1955 Gennady Lyachin, Russian commander (d. 2000)
1956 Ziad Rahbani, Lebanese pianist and composer
1969 Verne Troyer, American actor and acrobatic entrepreneur
1984 Paulo Guerrero, Peruvian footballer
1987 Gilbert Brulee, Canadian ice hockey player
1989 Stefan Reinartz, German footballer

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